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...and now a few words from the office of the President.

Hi Everyone,


Allow me to introduce myself and my wonderful bride Candy.  Between us

we have 4 children and 12 grandchildren who keep us very busy.  When we

are not involved with cars you’ll most likely find us at some sports event or

other activity involving our grandchildren.  “You Guys” is a fitting comment

we are accustom to as Candy and I do most everything together, this

includes the car hobby.


I have been involved with the hobby since 1987 when I purchased my first Oakland and two years later became an Officer in the All American Oakland Chapter serving as Editor/Secretary and later as its President for another 10 years.  In 2009 I was one of several founding members of the AACA Oakland Pontiac Worldwide Region (OPW) and have been involved as an Officer ever since.  Candy and I are also members of POCI and The Buick Club of America.


I enjoy doing my own restorations and over the years have restored several cars; 1926 Oakland 2 door coach, 1924 Oakland Sport Touring, 1928 Oakland Sport Coupe, 1929 Oakland Cabriolet (in progress) and currently finishing a 1954 Pontiac Catalina Hardtop.  Sorry to say, at age 78 the Cabriolet and Pontiac unfortunately, will be my last restorations.


In addition to being an officer for 26 years my wife and I have put together more than 18 car tours and been guests on several others.  As you can see we love the hobby  and enjoy all the wonderful friends we have met along the way.  My wife described it best at breakfast with some friends once when she was asked, “Candy how can you stand traveling in that old car?”  I’m sure many of you can relate to her response, “We have traveled all over the U.S., to places tour buses do not go.  We have friends all over the country and abroad.  And, I know where my husband is!” 


We encourage all of you to enjoy the hobby and all that it offers.  So go on some OPW Tours, attend AACA activities and even consider serving as an Officer. The hobby needs YOU if we are to survive and see the next generation wanting to buy our cars.  You won’t regret the experience.


See you down the road,

John & Candy Armstrong


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