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I don't care how much of a neat freak you may be, I am sure there is a junk drawer somewhere in your house.  You know, a "catch-all" place that holds all those things that you just don't know where to put them. And I bet it ends up being the "go to" place when you can't find something. More often than not, if you dig deep enough in the drawer you'll find what you are looking for.

This page is set aside for all those tidbits of information about Oaklands and Pontiacs that are not big enough to warrant a full page but deserve to be seen. Just like your junk drawer they are in no particular order. So, just shuffle around here until you find what you have lost.

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Oaklands made in Canada?

The above radiator emblem was displayed on Oakland cars manufactured in Canada.

In the book "Industrial Canada Vol. 22" published in 1921 by the Canadian Manufacture's Association there is a short write up which follows:


General Motors of Canada, Limited, Making the Oakland Car at Oshawa

A new Canadian motor car being placed on the market by General Motors of Canada, Limited in a new unit of their plant in Oshawa, Ontario. The car is designed to meet the demand for a well built six cylinder at around the $1600 price. The Company have already a large number of orders on file for export shipping so that they are assured, from the very outset, of a quantity production which will make a low price possible.

The car has graceful body lines of a new design. The radiator is high, giving the car a massive appearance. The motor is the six cylinder overhead valve type and has proven itself to be efficient and economical in the consumption of gasoline.

On the "Unique Cars and Parts, USA" website I found the following interesting info.

The post World War 1 Oakland six's chassis specification was little changed from that of the 1913 model. Oaklands were built in the General Motors Canadian plant, too, for export to Britain, as this attracted a lower rate of import duty. The 1921 Oakland four-seater sports model sold in England for £540, though the only really sporting item of its specification was the adoption of wire wheels instead of the wooden artillery pattern used on the marque's staider models.

McLaughlin Motor Car Company Limited was a Canadian manufacturer of automobiles headquartered in OshawaOntario.  McLaughlin sold out to General Motors in1918 and merged into General Motors of Canada. The Oshawa plant was used to build General Motors products starting in 1920 with the 1921 Oldsmobile.


Production of the 1922 Oakland started in 1921 and Oakland production continued until 1931.

These details have come from the "Cars of Canada" book by Hugh Durnford and Glenn Baechler.  

Oakland_Pontiac Worldwide logo(4).jpg

1930-31 Oakland or 1932 Pontiac
with the V-8 engine

Oakland_Pontiac Worldwide logo(4).jpg


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