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 We are a Touring club!

Simply put, that means we drive our automobiles. Yes we may load them onto a trailer sometimes when our destination is far from our homes, but once we arrive we will unload them and drive them around. However, having said that, many of our members are not afraid to climb behind the wheel, back out of their driveway and head off on a lengthy journey, or as we like to call it, an adventure.

Since we are a non-geographical region club we are spread out all over the globe. Rarely do we have an opportunity to drive to a common place and kibitz. Most of our individual touring is done in relatively close proximity to our homes at car cruise-ins, car shows, cars and coffee and other places like that.

But once a year we do put forth a special effort to gather as many members as possible at a common place. That place changes from year to year. We call this yearly get-together "The OPW Homecoming Tour".


The Homecoming is three or four days of hanging out with other OPW and/or AACA members. We drive our cars around to different locations to take in the local culture wherever it may be. We get a chance to find out what life is like in other parts of the country or world. It is a great time. "Occasionally" one of our cars may break down or have an issue. But what better place to have car trouble than in the middle of a bunch of guys and gals who have the same interest in autos as you do?


I would be remiss if I didn't mention that we also never miss an opportunity to sample some of the local cuisine on the Homecoming Tour. And somehow the Tour always manages to find the best restaurants and ice cream shops in town. It is always a fun time.


And we really do spread the fun around. On the Previous Homecoming Tours page is a list of all the towns we have had the pleasure of visiting. To see some sights from previous tours click on this button.

This past year, June 2023, we traveled to Berlin, Ohio where we became immersed in the Amish and Mennonite ways. It was a great Tour. Although photos can't truly capture the spirit of the event, you can get a glimpse of what we did, where we stayed, who we met, the fun we had and yes, the food we ate. You can check out this year's Homecoming Tour by clicking on this button.

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