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Our Purpose & Goals

The Oakland - Pontiac Worldwide Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America promotes and supports the education, restoration and preservation of the Oakland and Pontiac automobiles from its year of inception in 1908 up to and including 1958. Furthermore, the Oakland-Pontiac Worldwide Region, its Executive Board, Officers, Committees and Members strive to support each other in carrying out the Region's stated mission and goals. Those goals being:

1 - To provide a supportive environment and atmosphere that promotes enjoyment for the membership and their families.

2 - To provide members a minimum of one annual event to include education, recreation and touring activities for the entire family.

3 - To provide Oakland and Pontiac members balanced coverage in a quality bi-monthly newsletter that promotes and supports the mission and goals of the Region.

4 - To develop programs and activities that educate and encourage youth participation in the antique and classic car hobby.

5 - To provide technical support for the restoration and preservation of member's automobiles.

6 - To educate members and others in the hobby of the Oakland and Pontiac historical relationship.

7 - To treat all members fairly, with dignity and respect for their service and contribution to the hobby.

1910 0ak.jpeg
1958 Pontiac

1910 Oakland Model 24 Runabout
Ron and Lee Ann Laird
Sebring, FL.

1958 Pontiac Chieftain
Dwight W Gibbs
Tuson, AZ.

JUN 23

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