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Oakland-Pontiac Worldwide
Homecoming Tour

Every year (except for 2 years during covid) OPW has held a get-together in an exotic place. It is dubbed "The Homecoming". Its purpose is multifaceted. A bunch of old car guys and gals meet up in different locations each year for a time of fun. If they have an old car that is running they are encouraged to bring it and drive it. If they don't, they are still welcome and will most likely catch a ride with someone else who is driving a vintage car as we go touring.


Visiting different locations around the country makes each Homecoming a refreshing experience. We get to sample the local food, watering holes, attractions and ice cream. There is also time to just sit and talk, old friendships are renewed and new friendships are made. At the closing banquet, awards and recognitions are made. Also we have a chance to donate via a silent auction to a charitable cause. The Fisher House has benefited from our giving for the past several years.


If you are an OPW member and have never had the pleasure of attending a Homecoming I can't urge you enough to come along and join in the fun.

Below are some photos from our latest Homecoming in Berlin, Ohio in June 2023.

If you would like to check out previous Tours click on the PREVIOUS HOMECOMING TOURS page.

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